Hello, my name is Kawaski and I am the creator of Yumzezz Handcrafted Skin Delectables. I am also an incurable natural skin care products junkie and a maker of natural personal care products.

From the age of 14-25, my skin care products remained the same, a 100% Cocoa Butter tube and a mass-produced, additive filled, face soap. So, in order to beat the surely approaching signs of aging, I decided to change my trusty skin care products. I made a colossal mistake. Not only did the new skin care products cause dry skin patches and blemishes to appear on my skin, my old trusty, mass-produced face soap, also caused facial irritation. I sought out answers from Dermatologists and prescribed the gentlest forms of skin care products on the market, but they also caused facial irritation. My skin care routine was now reduced to a face cloth, water and aloe. I decided to take control of my unfortunate skin woes.

With the help of my family, I went into research and trial and error mode. My research gave me a new kind of respect for organic and natural personal care products. Through my research, I discovered botanicals, herbs, milk powders, dried fruits and vegetables etc. They are not only able to nourish my insides, they are also completely capable, and preferable, nutrients for my outer layer...my skin. My goal was to create natural skin care products that were able to tackle the needs of my hypersensitive, dry, aging skin and I've done it.

On July 18, 2014, my employer of 12+ years, laid off my entire department. On July 26, 2014, Yumzezz was born.

What are Yumzezz?

yumzezz [yuhm-zeez] noun, plural 1. natural handmade skin care products that smell good enough to eat and are natural enough for most dry sensitive skin surfaces

Yumzezz is focused on providing high-quality, scrumptious, natural and/or organic skin care products, for your face to your feet. All skin care products are handmade and made to order to ensure you receive the freshest skin care product possible. Yumzezz are free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, phthalate, formaldehyde and artificial colors.

My commitment to you...

I will create natural skin care products that are free of yucky stuff and made fun for your body's largest organ, your skin.

Kawaski Canty, creator

Yumzezz Handcrafted Skin Delectables

Made in Atlanta, GA